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November 21 2014 | Whats New

FLETC Informer Webinar Series

1. Use of Force Legal Refresher

2-hour webinar presented by Tim Miller, FLETC Legal Division
This course will cover the Fourth Amendment's objective reasonableness test for seizing free 
citizens. It will cover the United States Supreme Court's analysis in Graham v. Connor, when 
deadly force and intermediate weapons are reasonable, and the defense of qualified immunity. 
Date and Time: Thursday December 11, 2014: 3:00 p.m. EST.

To join this webinar: https://share.dhs.gov/uof-refresher


2. Law Enforcement Legal Refresher Training 

2-hour webinar presented by Bruce-Alan Barnard, FLETC Legal Division
This two-hour block of instruction focuses on Fourth and Fifth Amendment law and is 
designed to meet the training requirements for state and federal law enforcement officers who 
have mandated two-hour legal refresher training requirements. 
Date and Time: Tuesday December 16, 2014: 2:30 p.m. EST.

To join this webinar: https://share.dhs.gov/lgd0312

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8. Training certificates will be provided at the conclusion of each webinar.