HB 523 Update

April 23 2015 | Whats New

Last night, Mandeville Lodge # 42 hosted a meeting with Representative John Schroder in attendance to discuss HB 523 and the effects that it would have on State Supplemental pay for police and fire.  Attending the meeting were representatives from Mandeville Lodge #42, St. Tammany Lodge # 17, Covington Lodge # 43, Corbett Penton Lodge #47, Crescent City Lodge #2, members of the LAFOP State E Board and the LAFOP Legislative Committee along with several representatives from fire organizations across the North Shore.

Representative Schroder addressed the police and fire fighters present and explained his reason for bringing the bill forward, to attempt a way to balance the budget.  After much discussion between Representative Schroder and those present, Representative Schroder said that he has no intention of moving the bill this session and if the bill was moved during this session police and fire supplemental pay would be deleted from the current language.

The LAFOP would like to thank Representative Schroder for speaking with LAFOP members in Mandeville and being accessible at the Capital. 

The LAFOP would also like to thank Lodge #42 President, Otto Dejean, and his Executive Board for facilitating this meeting and for bringing together public safety on the North Shore.  Leadership on a local level is one of the key ingredients that make our organization successful.

Please remember that the LAFOP will host Day at the Capital on May 7th beginning at 10AM in the Rotunda.













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