FOP CCL#2 Makes Donation to Assist Tornado Victims

February 15 2017 | Whats New

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, Sgt. Willie Jenkins and Donovan Livaccari, presented Pastor Antoine Barriere with a donation on behalf of the members of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police and Crescent City Lodge #2.  Pastor Barriere's church, the Household of Faith Family Worship Church International, has been on the ground helping members of our community, including some of our members, who suffered losses following the recent tornadoes which touched down in eastern New Orleans.  The leadership of the Louisiana FOP and FOP Crescent City Lodge felt that it was important to supplement the assistance the national, state, and local lodges were giving to individual members with a little help for the church to continue its mission helping any effected members of our community.

Pastor Barriere took Sgt. Jenkins and Mr. Livaccari on a tour of their distribution center.  Piles of water, food, and clothing were ready to be distributed to those in need.  The Louisiana FOP and the Crescent City Lodge hope that our donation will serve to assist Pastor Barriere in this worthwhile cause.

From Left to Right:  Donovan Livaccari, Jack Livaccari, Pastor Antoine Barrier, First Lady Dale Barriere, and Sgt. Willie Jenkins in the Household of Faith Distribution Center.