BWC Webinar

October 10 2014 | Whats New

On October 9, 2014, the National Fraternal Order of Police Labor Services Division conducted a webinar on issues relative to the use of body worn cameras (BWC) in law enforcement.  NFOP President Chuck Canterbury formed a working group to study BWC's as well as policies from the various police departments using BWC's.  The NFOP group consists of Mike Coviello, NFOP Assoc. General Counsel, Leo Blackwell, General Counsel, Indiana State Lodge, Christine Corl, NFOP Assoc. General Counsel, Rob Pride, National Trustee, Colorado, and Chuck Canterbury, NFOP President.  The working group solicited information from many across the country believed to be knowledgeable, including Will Aitchison and our own Donovan Livaccari.  The NFOP working group developed a "best practices" model policy based on the group's research.  Interestingly, the NOPD's BWC policy was found to be one of the best in the country and the model policy is based in large part on NOPD's policy (Policy/PR 447).

The NOPD allowed the FOPNO to use the Large Conference Room to play the webinar so as to maximize he number of officers having the opportunity to participate.  We certainly appreciate Superintendent Harrison's consideration in this matter.  For those of you who were not able to make it to the Large Conference Room or watch on your computer at home, the BWC webinar can be found below.